Saturday 24th February 2024,
First Bangor Boy's Brigade

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Boys Brigade Enrolment

Boys Brigade Enrolment

Today we had our Boys Brigade & Girls Brigade Enrolment.  This year the theme was Paddington Bear as we learnt about the importance of helping others, sharing and kindness.  Thank you to all who came to share with us and [...]

October 23, 2022 General News
Paper Planes

Paper Planes

Paper planes took flight in our Guild Hall tonight as some of our young Boys Brigade aeronautical engineers were testing their paper plane making skills in our Anchors.  Though the leaders, even with years of practise at making paper planes, [...]

October 21, 2022 Anchors News
Parable of the Lost Sheep

Parable of the Lost Sheep

On Friday our Boys Brigade Anchors were learning about the Parable of the Lost Sheep. As a craft activity the boys had the opportunity to make their own sheep face consisting of paper plate and lots of cotton wool.  For [...]

October 17, 2022 Anchors News
Lego Wind Powered Cars

Lego Wind Power

Our Boys Brigade Juniors spent the evening creating and testing out some Lego Wind Powered Cars.  The boys had 15 minutes to make car from Lego.  Then attaching an inflated balloon to the car, we released the car to see [...]

September 27, 2022 Juniors News

Our Patron

Our boys spent sometime giving thanks to God for the life of our Patron [...]

September 27, 2022 General News
Boys Brigade Parents Evening

Parents Evening Fri 1st April

On Friday 1st April we held a parents evening for each Boys Brigade section, rather than our normal display. It was an opportunity for parents to see boys receive their badges. We were delighted three boys received their Queens Badge [...]

April 5, 2022 General News

Help us raise funds without costing you a penny

If you shop online, there is an easy way you can help us raise money without costing you a penny!  All you have to do is go to and sign up for free, all you need to do is [...]

March 5, 2015 General News