Sunday 14th April 2024,
First Bangor Boy's Brigade

Feeling Anxious

Feeling Anxious About BB?

We understand that for some boys, going to somewhere new, for example the Boys Brigade can be a very daunting experience and out of the boys’ comfort zone. One way to help with feeling anxious about BB, is to arrange a visit during the week when the halls will be quiet so your son can see where he will be going.  It will also give us an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how we can put together an individual strategy to make your son feel welcome. We also have Senior Boys who can be a buddy to your son to help him navigate the evening.

The following are some pictures of our meeting rooms.  The first picture is a photograph of our Church which is directly opposite the Main St entrance of Asda.  The second photo is of William (more info below).

Feeling Anxious

The next photo is of our captain, Ian.  This is likely the first person you may meet on a Fri evening.  As you can see, he has been blessed with lots of hair.






The entrance to our buildings is the down the left-hand side of the main Church building into the Hub Area.

Hub Summary

Where the Sections Meet

The Bugle Boys meet in the Wilson Hall which is upstairs.  You can either take the lift or the staircase from the rear of the Hub area.

feeling anxious First Bangor Wilson Hall

Our Anchors meet in the Guild Hall which is our main hall upstairs.  Our Anchors have a special Boys Brigade member, William the Worry Bear.  William sits on a chair at the top of the hall.  If any of the boys are feeling worried or anxious, they can go and give William a hug.


First Bangor Guild Hall

Our Juniors meet in the bottom hall.  During the last half hour, the Juniors go to the larger hall upstairs to play football.  For those boys who are not comfortable playing football they can join Daniel’s board game session.

Feeling Anxious First Bangor Bottom Hall

Our Company Section gather in the main Hub.

More details on the individual sections can be found by clicking on the relevant menu option above.

If you are interested in your son attending the Boys Brigade and would like to meet to discuss how we can help, then please contact us.