Saturday 19th October 2019,
First Bangor Boy's Brigade

Company Section

 Company Section 1st Bangor Boys Brigade: Every Friday is Different!

Love Sport?  Then you’ll love our Friday nights.
Hate sport?  Then you’ll still love our Friday nights!


Are you a teenager aged between 10 and 18 (Year 8 to 14) with nothing to do on a Fri night? If the answer is yes then turn your Fri night into an opportunity to make new friends and prepare to be mentally, physically and spiritually challenged! Let your Fri night become a night of excitement, entertainment and learning.







Each year within 1st Bangor Boys Brigade Company Section we undertake a huge range of activities with the boys. Each Boys Brigade night is different so there is something for everyone! Each night begins with opening squad marks and a study of a Bible passage, to so see what God maybe saying to us today. There may then be various badge classes under the ‘Discovery’ badge scheme. This is an excellent scheme and as the title suggestions through the scheme, we aim that you may discover something about yourself through the course, maybe a hobby, interest or talent. At the end of the badge scheme you will leave the Boys Brigade with the ultimate achievement of the Queens Badge.

After badge work it’s then into activities. Activities could be anything from, football, volleyball, hurdling, quizzes, cooking, PS4, Wii, table tennis, Scalextric, Nerf, squad competitions etc.  We also have different guests join us each year, we have had speakers from RNLI, Tearfund and Guide Dogs for the Blind.







Each year we also have a number of outings.  Over the last number of years we have been to laser combat, golf driving range, leisure centre, Eddie Irvines, archery, caving and climbing wall at Ganaway and Belfast Giants. Each year there’s something different!

If you love sport then you’ll love our Friday nights.  If you hate sport then you’ll still love our Friday nights!  Some our non sporty activities include Raspberry Pi workshops for those boys who are interested in Computers and fancy learning a bit of basic programming.  This year we also had a robotics class were you have the opportunity to build and programme a robot or the opportunity to assemble a digital camera.

Company Section: How do I join?

If you are interested in joining our Boys’ Brigade Company Section then send us an email using the address at the top of the page.  The cost to join the Company Section is only £30.00 for the year.  Our first night back after the summer break will be Fri 6th September 2019.  So an ideal night to just come along and discover what all is going on!  Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for announcements on what will be happening on this first night back.

The uniform is black shoes, dark socks, school trousers, Blue BB Shirt, BB tie, BB belt and BB hat. The shirt, tie, belt and hat can be purchased from BB headquarters in May Street, Belfast. You do not need to have the uniform before you can join. You can wear your school trousers & school shirt until you are able to purchase the uniform.