Thursday 22nd April 2021,
First Bangor Boy's Brigade

Junior Section

1st Bangor Boys Brigade Junior Section (9-11 years of age, school age years 5-7) meet in the Guild Hall (upstairs) from 6.45pm to 8.30pm each Friday from September to April.    Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 situation we do not have a start date for our 2020-21 Session, but keep an eye out on Facebook page for online activities and announcements.

On a Friday night the boys enjoy a wide range of activities, games, indoor football, figure marching and badge work.  This year the boys completed the North Down Group Treble, winning the Figure Marching Competition, Table Sports Quiz and Uni-hockey competitions.  For those keen on football the boys can also take part in the North Down Group Junior Section football at Eddie Irvines, on a Saturday morning.

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How do I join the Boys Brigade Junior Section?

If you are interested in joining our Boys’ Brigade Junior Section then you can contact the officer in charge, Andy Hare using the email address at the top of this page.  Please send us an email with your details, your sons name and date of birth.

The cost to join the Junior Section is only £25.00 for the year.  You can join at anytime during the year and the fee is pro-rata.  There is no charge each Fri night, though we do collect for charity throughout the year.

The uniform is black gym shoes, dark socks, school trousers, BB jumper, blue BB polo shirt and BB hat.  The jumper, polo shirt and hat can be purchased from BB headquarters in May Street, Belfast.  You do not need to have the uniform before you can join.  You can simply wear your school trousers & school shirt until you are able to purchase the uniform

To give you a flavour of some of the activities within the junior section, two of the most popular games (apart from football) are,

The four corner game – The boys are split into 4 teams and one runner from each team races round the outside of the hall, once completing a lap they race into the middle of the hall to grab one of four items.  The runner who grabs the highest valued item obtains a point for their team.

Alarm Clocks – boys pretend to sleep and when the alarm clock goes off they pretend to be what the leader calls out e.g. a Tai fighter from Star Wars.

But its not all games, in the Junior Section the boys also work towards the Boys Brigade ‘Activity Scheme’ badge course.  The scheme covers 5 areas,

Body              – various games and physical activities
Mind              – puzzles, quizzes, and hobbies
Spirit              – bible stories and characters
Community – conservation, the church and helping others
Creativity     – crafts

A target award badge is awarded in the boys first year if they complete 1 activity in each of the above sections.

The bronze badge is also awarded in the first year if the boys complete 10 activities (at least 1 from each of the above sections).

The Silver badge is also awarded in the second year if the boys complete 20 activities (at least 3 from each of the above sections).

The Gold badge is also awarded in the first year if the boys complete 20 activities (at least 3 from each of the above sections).

The badges are worn on an arm band on the right arm along with the highest award from the Anchor Boys section.  When the boy moves up to the Boys Brigade Company Section their highest Junior Section badge is then worn along with their Company Section badges.