Thursday 22nd April 2021,
First Bangor Boy's Brigade

Bugle & Anchor Boys

 Bugle Boys

Our Bugle Boys section of the Boys Brigade is for boys aged 4-5 years (Preschool & P1).  The Bugle boys meet in the Wilson Hall, from 5.30pm to 6.30pm on a Friday evening.  Boys are welcome to join us at any stage during the BB year, you don’t need to wait until the start of a new session.

The boys take part in various fun games and activities and are led by an excellent group of leaders, Anna & Johnny being the leaders in charge.  The uniform consists of grey shorts or trousers, and a light blue sweatshirt (which can be obtained from Anna & Johnny).

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 situation we do not have a start date for our 2020-21 Session, but keep an eye out on Facebook page for online activities and announcements.


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How Do I find the Wilson Hall?

If you enter through the Main Reception (Hub) doors, which are down the left hand side of the Church Building, you will see a lift and a set of double doors in the top left hand corner of the reception area.  You can either take the lift or the stairs to the first floor.  When you exit the lift, the Wilson hall is at the end of the long corridor.  If you take the stairs the Wislon Hall is to the left when you reach the top of the stairs.


If your son finds new experiences a challenge and you would like to familiarise him with were he will be going before Bugle Boys begins, please let us know and we can arrange for him to see round the room and how to get to the Wilson Hall before Fri 6th Sept 2019.

Anchor Boys

Our Anchor Boys section of the Boys Brigade is for boys aged 6-8 years (Primary 2 to 4).  The Anchor boys meet in the McKinstry Wallace Hall (downstairs), 6.45pm to 8.00pm each Friday.  The anchor boys are lead by an excellent team, the leader in charge being Wayne Burgess.  The uniform consists of grey trousers, and red jersey which can be obtained from Wayne.

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How do I join the Anchor Boys?

If you are interested in enrolling your son for our Anchor Boys, then please send us a message, using the contact page, with you name, address, your son’s name and his date of birth.  Send us an email using the address at the top of the page. 

The cost to join the Anchor Boys is only £25.00 for the year.  You can join at anytime during the year and the fee is pro-rata.  There is no charge each Fri night, though we do collect for charity throughout the year.

The Boys Brigade Anchor Boy Friday night programme consists of games (always popular), stories, craft and prayer.  The boys are encouraged to take part in various Battalion and District competitions and have been successful in many over the years. We enjoy an annual outing which is looked on with anticipation all year by both boys and leaders.  In the Anchor Boys the boys also work towards the Boys Brigade ‘Activity Scheme’ badge course.  The scheme covers 5 areas,

                Body               – various games and physical activities
               Mind                – puzzles, quizzes, and hobbies
               Spirit               – bible stories and characters
               Community  – conservation, the church and helping others
               Creativity      – crafts

Anchor Boy Red Badge     Anchor Boy Green Badge    Anchor Boy Blue Badge

In the first year the boys have to complete two activities in each of the above sections to achieve their Green Badge. In their second and third years the boys have to complete three activities in each of the above sections to achieve their Red Badge and Blue Badge.  The badges are worn on an arm band on the right arm and when the boy moves up to the Junior Section their highest Anchor Boy badge is then worn along with their Junior Section badges.