Friday 03rd April 2020,
First Bangor Boy's Brigade

Boys Brigade Bible Class

The following are some ideas that you could use in your Boys Brigade Bible Class or Scripture Classes for the Company Section.

At 1st Bangor Boys Brigade Company Section, we either begin or end most Friday evenings with a Bible Class which lasts approximately 20 minutes. Each year we study a different book of the Bible. Our aim is to study the Bible in away to show that the Bible is relevant and it is an exciting way to discover God’s message to us today. We invite different speakers along to take each Boys Brigade Bible Class talk and provide basic material which they can then tailor for their own talk.

The following is some material which you may find useful, though you will need to tailor the material to your own group and think of how best to communicate your message. The material are not talks in themselves, but background material to enable you with prayer and thought, to draft your talk.

The Book Of Matthew Part 1

In this series we introduce the boys to the book of Matthew and the story of Jesus.  There are twelve talks in total ending with a challenge, ‘who do the boys think Jesus is’?  This series does not cover any of the Parables contained within Matthew, as these were explored in previous Boys Brigade Bible Classes.

There is also a DVD ‘The Gospel According To Matthew’ by the Visual Bible, which you can show instead of a Bible reading. This can be purchased from Amazon or Christian bookshops and is a word for word account for the Gospel. There may also be clips of this on YouTube.

The following are the various Boys Brigade Bible Class studies. You can click on each talk to access the material in detail.

Talk 1: John the Baptist
Talk 2: The Temptation of Jesus
Talk 3: Jesus Calls His First Disciples
Talk 4: The Sermon on the Mount
Talk 5: Jesus Calms a Storm
Talk 6: Jesus Heals Two Demon Possessed Men
Talk 7: Healing and Calling
Talk 8: Sending
Talk 9: The Feeding of the Five Thousand
Talk 10: The Yeast of the Pharisees
Talk 11: Who Do You Say I Am?
Talk 12: Taking Up Your Cross

The Book Of Jeremiah

A strange book to study in your Boys Brigade Bible Class, and a very challenging book to make relevant to young people, but it is believed that Jeremiah was probably in his late teens when the direction of his life changed forever (the same age of some of the boys in the Company Section).

Jeremiah is a book which is seldom studied, yet within its pages there are many wonderful pictures of a God who cares for his people and wants to see them rescued and pictures of a person who struggles with the calling of God. Jeremiah still has something relevant to say to us today. We can learn a lot about the Christian life and there is also a lot we can learn about God.

The book raises many questions and may present the opportunity for group discussion were the issues can be explored in more depth.

There is more material than you will have time to use and there maybe some other areas of the passage you would like to focus on. Therefore it is important to spend sometime in prayer asking God to direct your thoughts as you prepare the talk and for the Holy Spirit to speak to each boy individually.

The following are the various studies. You can click on each talk to access the material in detail.

Talk One: Jeremiah’s Calling
Talk Two: Jeremiah’s Complaint
Talk Three: Death Threats amp; Superstition
Talk Four: Take a Rest
Talk Five: Making Pots
Talk Six: Beatings Imprisonment amp; Depression
Talk Seven: Burning the Word of God
Talk Eight: What Really Matters to God
Talk Nine: Jeremiah’s Message of Hope
Talk Ten: Jeremiah in a Well
Talk Eleven: The Fall of Jerusalem

The Book Of Daniel

The following are three Boys Brigade Bible Class talks looking at some well known passages from the book of Daniel, stories that the boys may well have heard when they were younger

Talk One: Daniels Problem with Food
Talk Two: The Fiery Furnace
Talk Three: The Lions Den