Sunday 26th January 2020,
First Bangor Boy's Brigade

Team Games

The following are some Boys Brigade team games & other ideas that we have used in First Bangor Boys Brigade. You may find them of some use in your own company.

Important: You will need to assess whether each game is suited to the ability of your boys and whether you have adequate supervision to play the game safely. We accept no responsibility for accidents or injuries while playing these games. Also remember that it is not permitted to play contact sports with boys over 15 along with boys under 15. For all games you should ensure the age gap is as minimal as possible.

If you have any games of your own that you would like to share then please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. We would love to hear from you.

  • Bake Been Relay

Split the boys into two teams. Place a cone or chair at each corner of the hall. Teams stand either side of the hall, inside the chairs. One player from each team, takes the tin of beans and runs round the hall, when they return to their team they pass the batten to their next team mate, who then sets off. The added twist to the game, is a team is awarded a point if they manage to catch the opposing teams runner.

  • Bean Bag Chaos

Split the boys into a number of teams e.g. four or six. Place a box of bean bags in the middle of the hall. Line up three or two teams 10m away from the box on one side and two or three teams on the other side. Place a chair in front of each team. When you blow the whistle a runner comes from each team and collects a bean bag from the box and returns to their chair, placing the bean bag on their chair. When everyone is back, blow the whistle for the next runner to go. The game winner is the first team with 4 bean bags. The twist is, you are also allowed to take a bean bag from any team on the other side of the box. You are not allowed to take a bean bag from a team on the same side. You are not allowed to protect your bean bags. This game is good fun as a team who has 3 bags, will suddenly have none! It will take a couple of trial runs for the boys to get the hang of the rules. You will dictate the pace by blowing the whistle.

  • Dodge Ball

Split the boys into various teams. Select one team to stand in the centre of the hall, within a set boundary, they are the dodgers. The other teams stand either end of the hall and become the throwers, throwing balls at the team in the centre. If they hit a person below the waist the dodger hit has to sit down. Throwers have to stay at either end of the hall. Time how long it takes for all the dodgers to be put out. The winner of the game is the team that lasts the longest in dodging.

  • Downhall Ski Run A team game for two teams.

Make up four skies from plywood (about 32″ long, 8″ wide) and attach 1 inch foam to the bottom. Drill 2 holes at one end and two holes in the middle. Taking a piece of rope feed through the top two holes and tie a nought to hold the rope in place. The idea is to create a loop of rope, which a person can hold to lift up the ski. Do the same with the middle holes. Two people from each team stand on the skies, one at the front and one at the back. Using the rope the ski is lifted from the ground and moved forward. Players are not allowed to slide the ski along the ground. The aim is to walk the ski to the bottom of the hall. A point is award to the duo who reaches the bottom of the hall first. You will need the foam so you don’t mark the hall floor.

  • Frisbee

For this game you will need a frisbee. Maximum of 4 players per team. If one team has more than 4 players, number the team and every minute shout change, and one player goes off and a new player comes on. Each team nominates a catcher who stands at the top of the opposing half’s hall, within a marked out area. The catcher is not allowed outside this area and no other player is allowed inside. Aim is to throw the disc to your catcher, when you will be awarded a point. Once an outfield player catches the disc they are not allowed to move. When a player catches the disc you have 5 seconds to pass, otherwise disc passes to opposing team. No physical contact is allowed. You are not allowed to knock the disc out of opposing players hand. Goals cannot be scored by the catcher intercepting a catch. When a pass in not completed (ie dropped), the other team takes possession.

  • Human Draughts

This game is the same as traditional draughts, except you use people instead of counters. Take a large sheet (e.g. dust sheet, the bigger the better) and mark into squares, 8 squares along each side. This is a good game to encourage team work as lots of team negotiation will take place. You may need to appoint a team captain. You will also need hats to give to those who reach the other side and can then move both backwards and forwards.

  • Pirates

A good game to see how fit your boys are! Gather all your mats and place around the hall. If you don’t have any mats you can mark off squares using masking tape (try an area first encase the tape pulls the varnish off your floor). Alternatively you could mark squares with chalk. One player is the chaser, who has to catch all of the other players (pirates). Time how long it takes them to catch everyone. No player is allowed to touch the floor, which is the water. If the chaser touches the floor they receive a 5 second penalty which is added to their time. If a pirate touches the floor they are out. If you have a lot of boys, and it takes two long, you could limit each go to 100 seconds, and work out an average time to catch a boy for each chaser. Warning the pace of the game will quickly slow depending on how fit the boys are. As this is a contact game ensure you do not have over 15’s playing with under 15’s.

  • Sprint Football

Split the boys into two teams. Sort the teams into order of height and number each person in each team. Each team stands in an opposite corner of the hall. Place a football in the centre of the hall. Call out a number, e.g. number 2, and player 2 runs out from each team and the first to score a goal receives a point. If no goal is scored within 1 minute blow full time and call out a different number. You can vary the game by calling out just one number or calling two numbers. This will be a noisy game as those not playing will be shouting, trying to encourage their team mate. If you call out two numbers you will need to ensure you do not have a 17 year old playing with a 12 year old! This is also the reason for having the boys line up in order of height before you give them each a number.

  • Target Football

A good game if your hall has a solid flat wall at one end (with no windows). Mark out squares with masking tape on the wall and place a number in each square (try a test first to ensure the tape does not pull off any paint!) E.g. a square at the bottom could be worth 1 point. A square higher up could be 5 points and a small square even higher could be 10 points. Split the boys into teams and one person from each team tries to hit a square by kicking the ball. You can vary the rules by making them dribble round cones before kicking, or placing a table at the half way point so the boys have to chip the ball over the table at the same time as trying to hit a square. To be really nasty you could have a round were the team is deducted 2 points every time they miss a square!