Sunday 26th January 2020,
First Bangor Boy's Brigade

Non Physical Activities

The following are some Boys Brigade non physical ideas and activities that you may find them of use in your Boys Brigade Company.

  • Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tue will be on the 9th of Feb 2016.  In the week before this why not get your boys to make some pancakes. You can buy pancake mix in plastic container, all you have to do is to add milk and shake. It couldn’t be simpler. You will also need to bring along some toppings, e.g. icing sugar, syrup, lemon juice, jam or what about some ice-cream?

  • Fantasy Football

A lot of BB Companies run their own fantasy football competition. If you haven’t given this a go then it is worth a try. Click on our own Fantasy F.ball link above to see how we run our own competition. Not only do we have boys competing to see who can come first, we also have a number of boys who compete to come last! A lot of the main papers run a competition. The Premier League run a very good competition which is free to enter and you can create your own league, downside is you would need mobile internet access (where you hold your parade night) for boys who do not have internet access.

  • Xbox

Probably the most favourite games console used by teenage boys. If you are able to purchase one, it will be money well spent as a fill in/alternative activity. One of the most popular games will be FIFA or Monza. If funds are tight, why not begin a tuckshop and any surplus money could go towards the cost of the Xbox. Or you could suggest all the youth organisations in your church, group together to cover the cost, and each group can use the equipment.

  • Scalextric

Some of your older boys may have a Scalextric Set at home which they no longer use.  Why not ask them to bring down their track and combine all the sets together to see what is the biggest track you can build.  One thing you will need are power booster cables which help to distribute power to different sections of the track, other wise the cars will go so far and then stop.  It will also take some time to setup, so you may need to setup before hand.

  • Minecraft

If some of your boys are into Minecraft and you have an Xbox, you could purchase the Minecraft game and the boys could create a bit each parade night.  If a lot of your boys have Minecraft at home for the PC you could host your own Boys Brigade World that they could log onto from home.  We have done this for a few of our boys and use Nitrous Networks as the hosting Company.  Though to do this there is a monthly charge and you would need someone who is good with Computers to administer it.