Sunday 26th January 2020,
First Bangor Boy's Brigade

Boys Brigade Resources




The following are some Boys Brigade resources, display ideas, games amp; activities.  Also are some Bible Class talks and Battalion links.

We would love to hear what activities you undertake in your own Boys Brigade company or youth group.  What you have found your boys enjoy and games you would recommend.  Please send us an email at the address on the top of this page.  Or you could use the feedback form under the Games amp; Activites section.  Let us know your own Boys Brigade ideas.

Boys Brigade Relay Races

Some ideas for relay races you could use in your Boys Brigade Company.  Races include baton relays, ball relays, ball dribbling,  toilet roll mummy etc.

Boys Brigade Team Games

Team games include human draughts, bean bag chaos, sprint football etc.

Boys Brigade Non Physical Ideas and Activities

Non physical activities include cooking, scalextric, games consoles etc.

Planet BB

Information on the Planet BB Booklet volume 1 & volume 2.

Boys Brigade Bible Class

Some suggested Bible Class talks for use in your Company Section Bible Class, including talks on Jeremiah amp; Daniel.

 Company Section Badge Class Ideas

Some suggested Company Section Badge Class ideas.

Company Section Badge Structure

Information on the Comany Section Badge Structure we follow within 1st Bangor Boys Brigade.

Boys Brigade Battalion Website Links

Some useful links to other Boys Brigade websites.